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Legal Agreements & Documentation Services

Our contract specialists will help you draft legal agreements when you need simple basic agreements for the smooth running of your enterprise.

Our Legal Documentation Services

For Companies that wish to modify the standard ACRA constitution.

from $ 500

Ideal for startups who are more than one founder to avoid disputes and misunderstanding down the road.

From $800

When you have nominee shareholders and beneficial owners in your organization.

From $ 250

For both senior and junior employees, we can help you stay compliant with MOM requirements by incorporating Key Employment Terms in the employment agreements.

From $ 250


Our team includes law graduates from the National University of Singapore who will help you with your contracts and legal agreements.

You can expect quick turnaround and efficient services from our legal documentation unit. We use modern technology to collaborate with you to save time.

Access all your legal documents will be stored and available in your very own data room on our secure client portal which you can access from anywhere you have an internet connection! 


If you're planning to run your business with co-founders, then a founders' agreement is essential. It is not compulsory in Singapore, but highly recommended.

We are not a law firm but rather contract specialists who have law graduates from top universities on staff. They are more than qualified to assist you with basic corporate legal documentation.

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