Government Assisted Financing Schemes

Singapore Government Loans

Our team can advise and assist you in applying for the various government assisted financial schemes (loan) programs. We work with all the major banks in Singapore.

Our Loan Application Services

Currently we only support and assist with the following Loan Programs which designed specifically for Startups and SMEs and are supported by the MAS and Other Singapore Government Agencies  Presently, we do not offer any other loans and financial product such as trade finance, property loans, etc.

Our fees are applicable only upon successful loan approval. Otherwise you do not have to pay anything.

Up to S$5,000,000 in funding for SMEs. No collateral required.

Success Fee 2%

Up to $200,000 of hassle free funding for Qualifying SME businesses affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Success Fee 2%

Collateral-free funding of up to S$1,000,000

Success Fee 2%

SME Fixed Assets Loan
Trade Loan
Venture Debt
Mergers & Acquisitions Loan
Loan Insurance Scheme

Success Fee 2-4%


Our Loan specialists have a long history and deep experience of working with the various bankings and understand what the banks are looking in a successful application.

We work with almost all the major banks so we can offer you several options and save you time by presenting you with the best offers from the banks

Our secure online portal makes it easy for you to submit all your documents and keep them all in a single secure location that you can access anytime, from anywhere. 


The same reason you would use any other agency services - basically to save time and hassle and focus on your main business. We understand which banks are suitable for different profiles of business and we also know what they are looking for. So instead of facing delays and multiple iterations of document submissions etc, we streamline the entire process for you and our own credit assessment tool can give you more insights as to your eligibility and options.

Yes, as long as the total amount is below the cap under a particular Scheme (Eg, $5m for the Temporary Bridging Loan Program), we can avail the loan from multiple banks and each banks have their own internal caps as well.

That means that in the event of a default, the bank can approach the government to offset a certain % of the non performing loan. However, the bank is first required to carry out its standard commercial recovery process to collect on the loan. For the borrower, this does not make any difference as they continue to remain liable for the repayment of the entire 100% of the loan.

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