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HR and Payroll Systems

Manage all your HR functions and employees matters on an integrated cloud based platform.  Qualifying SMEs can avail 80% Grant from the Singapore Government.

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HR and Payroll Consulting

Setting up your organization
Setting up users and access levels
Setting up employee records
Doing test runs

from $600
Training $ 800 / half day

On site or remote training your HR Department to use the platform

$ 800 / half day

Custom reports
Customized rules and automations
Changes and amendments

$ 150 / hr


We would say that Cloud HR is actually more safe than the way most companies currently keep their HR and Employee data. Not only is the data on the cloud servers encrypt but the data is also stored in multiple locations as a backup. You can rest assured that the cloud HR platform providers take security very seriously and your data is safe.

‘The cloud’ is just a term used to refer to software and services that are run on the Internet, instead of locally on your physical device. Cloud services are usually accessed either through an internet browser or through a specially made app. You probably already use cloud software. Google Drive, Netflix and Dropbox are all examples of cloud technology.

The choice of which platform will depend on various factors. Speak with our consultants to figure out which one would be the best fit for your organization.

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