Prosperity Incorporation Plans

Our prosperity plans are bundled with Free Incorporation and are simple to understand, affordable for everyone, transparent in scope and suitable for all companies.


Our peace of mind plans handle all your on going compliance needs in in a simple monthly package. No hidden fees or surprises. Our plans are suitable for most companies.

All Prosperity Plans include:

Cloud Accounting

On Xero or Quickbooks

ACRA Compliance

AGM and AR Filing

Financial Statements

Compliant with Singapore Financial Reporating Standards

IRAS Compliance

Tax Computation, ECI, Form C/C-S Filing

Notes and Exclusions:


Q: Are there any hidden fees?

A: No. All our plans are simple and transparent. There are no hidden fees or surprises. All extras and add-ons are clearly stated upfront.

Q: How long does incorporation take?

A: Once we have all the information and signed forms back from you, the incorporation can be completed within 1 hour. 

Q: How do you count a transaction?

A: A transaction is a payment or deposit in the bank account. A composite transaction will count as only 1 transaction unless it needs to be separately classified. 

Q: Why are your fees so low?

A: We took the frills out. Our services are meant for companies that are looking for complete compliance services with a peace of mind assurance without any frills. We automate most of our processes to reduce costs and pass those savings to you.

Q: Is your team qualified?

A: Yes, absolutely. Our team is led by fully qualified Singaporean Chartered Accountants, Lawyers and Chartered Company Secretaries. You can rest assured you are in safe hands.

Start focusing on your business

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