How do I file my personal income tax returns in Singapore?

Confused about whether you have any personal income tax filing obligations in Singapore? And on how to file your personal income tax returns? We discuss the basics of personal income tax filling below.

Do I have to file personal income tax returns if I didn’t have any income?

People are often unsure about whether they have to file a tax return, especially if they had minimal or no income. If you’re one of them, see our easy guide below.

You may receive a Notice of Assessment (NOA) even if you are not required to file a tax return. Make sure that the NOA is accurate. Inform IRAS within 30 days if it is not, for example if you had additional income that is not shown in the NOA or the reliefs you are eligible for are shown incorrectly.

How do I file my personal income tax returns in Singapore?

There are a few ways you can file your personal income tax returns in Singapore. One way is to e-file on the IRAS myTaxPortal by logging in with your Singpass. Alternatively you may choose to do paper filling – there are three different types of forms depending on whether you are filling as a Tax Resident Individual, Self-Employed Individual, or Non-Resident Individual.  If you prefer to have an accountant help you figure out your taxes and file for you, get in touch with us.

When are personal income tax returns due?

Typically, personal income tax returns are due by April 15th each year for paper filing. To encourage the move toward digitalisation, IRAS has extended the deadline for e-filling to April 18th. This year IRAS has extended the deadline for both paper and e-filling to May 31st due to the COVID-19 situation.  Do not take this obligation lightly. IRAS may impose penalties for late or non-filling of income tax returns.

I still have more questions about my personal income tax filling…

Reach out to us and we can have one of our qualified professionals guide you through this process!


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